Kaay Innovation adopts Webboombaa – One of the fastest growing Digital Marketing start-up!

Mr. Krishnan Naranapatty (The Founder) alongside Mr. Sudarsan babu (Director of Strategy) founded Kaay Innovation (www.kaayinnovation.com/). Kaay Innovation is a venture building firm based out of Chennai involved in building next generations start-up’s with innovative entrepreneurs. The company focuses on partnering with numerous entrepreneurs bringing in smart concepts and innovative ideas to help companies grow from scratch.

Amongst a number of service companies that Kaay Innovation has built, recently they did their first adoption with bringing Webboombaa into the Kaay Innovation family. The cost of adoption has been for an undisclosed amount. This comes as a strategically driven investment to strengthen the digital advertising arm of its offerings to its group startups.

Why do we call this adoption?

When we adopt a team into our eco-system, they become part of the family with access to all the tools in our system. Not only they have access, but they also become accessible to the other teams part of the eco-system.

Webboombaa will continue to operate as a brand of its own, continuing the good work that they have been doing so far with more vigor and more hands to help them grow.

Brand Name: Webboombaa (www.webboombaa.com/)

Registered Name: Lemuria Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd

The list of companies that Kaay Innovation has built is as follows:

AdFarm is India’s fastest growing Outdoor Ad platform

NewSign TV is perfectly designed to meet all the digital signage needs.

OrderRabbit was built from scratch by Kaay Innovation’s founders Mr.Krishnan & Mr. Sudarsan and had been a truly hyper-local startup . Later It was acquired by SnapOrder for an undisclosed amount.

The Future Wall is a fully programmatic digital wall network

Drivers Kart has been a successfully exited company. It provided chauffeur services in major cities. Recently It was acquired by a Bengaluru based startup

Appreiz is a Human Resource company dealing with talent management and other HR services.

Goodpixels is an on-demand graphics and animation team that provides high quality videos for businesses

Jinglebid is a platform for sellers to place their bids.

Peopler helps in achieving Human Resources goal by providing staffing and consultancy services.

Accounting Solutions For Firms. From Accounting , Tax planning, Audit, Compliance and Advisory services to help you run your practice and serve your clients.

Kaay Space provides authentic and collaborative workspaces for community productivity.

A Complete tech team that could build world class products at affordable costs

Clouders Bay is a platform for users to acquire website monitoring and traffic analysis

Currently Kaay innovation comprises of service companies and many product companies covering diversified segments starting from Adtech, consumer tech, HR tech, SaaS and much more. As a result Kaay innovation is capable of providing services in all aspects when it comes to developing a business and therefore they strategically acquired Webboombaa in order to cater to all the digital and marketing requirements.

A Company that provides 360 Degree Digital Marketing

Webboombaa on the other hand is a leading digital marketing and programmatic buying agency and works with prominent players in the South. It was founded by a team of 3 passionate entrepreneurs, Durairaju K, Sarath Ravikumar & Varun on December 2016 with a team of 6. Over a period of time, their growth has been quite remarkable. Recently they were also awarded as The Best Digital Marketing
Company in TN by Zee Business. Webboombaa is also a Start-up India Approved Company & has served more than 100+ clients in various industries across Southern India.

Webboombaa comes up with collaborative and unique ideas which prove to be remarkable when it comes to branding and marketing on various digital platforms. This helps the businesses and companies gain mainstream attention and a digital presence and thus help them attract numerous visitors and customers.

With this acquisition Kaay Innovation has strengthened its complete service layer companies that comprises of tech, marketing, space, finance and HR and as a result they can build product companies that can scale quickly into the market. Being a prominent player in the digital marketing business and also being one of the fastest growing digital marketing and programmatic buying agencies, Webboombaa can help the companies under Kaay Innovation in their initial stage of development and also provide all the essential digital branding and marketing services to them.

Kaay Innovation’s strategic acquisition of Webboombaa in March’20 has surely placed them as a force when it comes to digital branding and marketing. Kaay Innovation holds expertise in building an empire from scratch and in these upcoming years, KI Management believes that Webboombaa will add value to the start-ups under its umbrella, to achieve their goals digitally.